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From Yorkshire Mills to Savile Row tailors

We are Tailors with a trusted and extensive family history William Crabtree & Sons is a venerable name in British Textile history. Established in Yorkshire in 1835, the company is best known for the manufacture of fine wool and hair blankets and duffle cloths.

In its manufacturing heyday

the company notably supplied the Hudson Bay blanket company and in 1851, exhibited at HRH Prince Albert’s "Works of Industry of all Nations Exhibition". Having merged with another Yorkshire mill in the 1970s, the William Crabtree name passed out of the family’s ownership, but was re-acquired recently. .

British fabrics

We favour authentic British-made cloths

made to measure

our tailoring is made to measure

keeping it simple

softly-structured silhouette and expertly crafted construction

Crafting made to measure suits

- the process
The made to measure process begins with a personal appointment with our tailor in our showroom in central London. During which we explore your requirements and the style of the garment you wish to commission. At William Crabtree we first consider the cloth. By understanding your requirements for the suit or garment – where you will wear it and what it will be used for - we can select a cloth fit for purpose and reflective of your personal taste and style. Unlike bespoke tailoring, where a new pattern is cut to reflect the customer’s unique measurements, the William Crabtree made to measure process takes our house blocks as a starting point. These patterns have been refined over many years and reflect our preference for simple, softly structured tailoring. Our tailor will take your measurements and guide you through the process of selecting a suit or garment, its specific features and the desired cloth. A William Crabtree house pattern will then be modified to reflect your individual measurements and personal taste. The possibilities of fit, style, fabric, colour and detail are vast and we have many years of experience in guiding customers to a choice with which they are delighted. Your commissioned item will be hand assembled and hand finished in the William Crabtree workrooms. Suits are fully canvassed.

William Crabtree & Sons

James Priestley, Director
James Priestley, is the great, great, great Grandson of the founder of the company. He has lived and worked within the textile industry all of his life, from visiting the family mill with his father as a small boy, through his textiles education at Leeds University and with the Savile Row Bespoke Association at Newham College, to his early career in Yorkshire mills. In recent years James has worked with some of the most famous Jermyn Street and Savile Row tailors, as well as for a number of iconic British clothing manufacturers. For William Crabtree & Sons, James distils his wealth of experience of the tailoring traditions of Europe and our authentic British textile mills into expertly crafted suits and garments fit for modern life. To discuss your tailoring requirements with James
discuss your tailoring requirements with James