William Crabtree & Sons

Modern Tailoring with Heritage

James Priestley is the great, great, great-grandson of the original William Crabtree, who started his eponymous Mill in 1835. While the surname has changed through the generations, the company’s commitment to quality manufacturing and love of British style is stronger than ever.

James lives with his wife and two children in The Cotswolds and enjoys the combination of country and city life. Having lived and worked within the textile industry all of his life, James has worked with some of the most acclaimed Savile Row and Jermyn Street tailors in recent years, as well as for several iconic British clothing manufacturers and brands. From visiting the family mill in West Yorkshire with his father as a small boy; through to studying Textiles at University and then with the Savile Row Bespoke Association.

For William Crabtree & Sons, James distils his wealth of experience of British textiles and tailoring traditions into accessibly crafted tailoring, knitwear and accessories. He believes in an unfussy, comfortable style that is uncontrived and inclusive.

William Crabtree & Sons Evolution

From Yorkshire Mills to Savile Row tailors

William Crabtree & Sons is a venerable name in British Textile history.

Established in Yorkshire in 1835, the company has been best known for the manufacture of fine wool and hair blankets, and duffle cloths.

In its heyday the company notably supplied the Hudson Bay blanket company and in 1851, exhibited at HRH Prince Albert’s "Works of Industry of all Nations Exhibition".

Fast forward to 2020

when James took the step to open the first brick-and-mortar shop while also expanding on the original made-to-measure offering, to include wardrobe staples such as chore jackets, trousers, shirting, knitwear, and accessories; and curating the best complementary brands such as Cubitts eyewear et al.

The brand now appeals to our ready-to-wear customers as much as it does to our made-to-measure clients which is what the vision for modern menswear in Marylebone is all about.

15 New Quebec Street

By choosing New Quebec Street to call home, James sought to create a welcoming and comfortable environment, that while contemporary had William Crabtree's 19th-Century charm.

Inside the modern art sits naturally alongside traditional fixtures and fittings. It’s this juxtaposition that sets William Crabtree & Sons apart from other brands.

James’ vision is to build on the brand’s heritage with a modern sensibility: contemporary in feel while creating enduring classics. From generations, for generations. Come and visit us in-store soon for a consultation and a chat...

British fabrics

We favour authentic British-made cloths

Made to Measure

Our tailoring is made to measure

Keeping it simple

Softly-structured silhouette and expertly crafted construction